Do I Need A Plate Carrier Or Chest Rig?

Can a tactical plate carrier chest rig really be the right piece of equipment for you? To be honest, there are many who are torn between plate carriers and chest rigs and aren’t too sure which way to turn when it comes to these two things. You cannot blame many law enforcement officers and military personnel from being unsure which is better for them and which will provide the most protection. So, do you need a plate carrier or a chest rig?

Why Choose Plate Carriers?

Plate carriers offer many good advantages for many users including the fact that they offer a better way to wear the items. What is more, getting a good and natural fitting is important and with the plate carriers you are able to get that and more. However, when it comes to choosing a plate carrier, the right size must be found so that the wearer gets the suitable fitting he or she needs. A tactical plate carrier chest rig can be a most useful tool but it’s also very important to ensure the right equipment is used for the right assignment. There are so many who end up choosing the wrong equipment and don’t get sufficient protection which is very bad.

Why Choose Chest Rigs?

With a chest rig, there are far more compartments available which means it’s a lot easier to carry necessary equipment and items. That really does prove very useful for those who have to carry lots of tactical equipment however that doesn’t automatically mean the chest rigs are right or best for everyone. Unfortunately while the chest rigs can carry quite a few pieces of equipment they do not offer a lot of protection for the upper body and that’s a real drawback. Remember, when someone is in a very tense situation which might turn violent it’s important to have sufficient protection. A tactical plate carrier chest rig might be a more than useful option to consider however. Learn more.

Why These Are So Popular?

To be honest, both chest rigs and plate carriers are able to offer lots of protection for military and law enforcement personnel and they can be used for a host of situations. Chest rigs and plate carriers both have great advantages but they also have some drawbacks. When it comes to choosing between the two you have to ensure the right equipment is used for each and every situation. Some chest rigs might not be suitable for one situation while another might be. Choosing a tactical plate carrier chest rig can be useful but it might not be suitable for everyone and every situation. That is something you have to consider but it’s sure that plate carriers and chest rigs are needed for those who are on the front line.

Choose For Each Scenario

When it comes down to it all, you absolutely have to think very carefully about each scenario you are walking into as well as requirements and what you feel is right for you also. No one can make the decision for you and it might be wise to choose both of these things. Ultimately you have to think about what’s best for you and the situation at hand. Choosing a tactical plate carrier chest rig can be a great tool and something which offers so much to so many. More details in site:

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Tactical Plate Carrier Chest Rig

Plate carriers are designed to carry armours and are usually heavier than chest rigs it is actually an improved version of tactical vest normally used by the military globally. The new plate carriers are more comfortable because they have their shoulders padded, lightweight making it easy to move around with. In addition, it has taken the tactical plate feature by taking a more secure front round up.  It can also be used by hunters and anglers as they have more pockets just like a chest rig.

What should you consider when buying these items?

  • The design

A plate carriers design must meet your needs. Are you going to use it for fishing and you therefore don’t need one with many pockets as you will not be carrying a lot around? Then you should carry a vest that has minimal pockets. This minimal design is also suitable for an angler who knows what they are looking for and they don’t carry much luggage around. If you need one with many pockets to choose it is okay too.

  • Construction and durability

This requires a little extra money but the good promise is that you will not need to buy another in the near future because this vest can carry anything in the pockets over a long period of time and not get spoilt thanks for the material used to make them.

  • Ventilation

This body armours are a requirement by law to shield oneself from the enemy’s attack yet the tactical plate vest carrying mags and more things when worn for a long time may cause heat in the body. It is always important to choose those that offer you room to breathe or the ones that have mesh in them with the aim of making breathing easy.

  • Safety

The plate carrier is basically to help you carry your supplies easily but it should also offer you safety and ability to push a button that quickly removes the chest rig from your body. Most tactical vests have zips in the front and the back the disadvantage being that most zips tend to jam or get fouled up making chest rig push button the best.

  • Storage

Military operations require this vest to help them store their ammunitions. The latest plate carriers and tactical vests offer storage places. The pockets are located everywhere and they therefore don’t need to carry back packs.

  • The comfort

At the end of the day all this thing should be comfortable so if you can get those with padded cross back shoulder straps on your shoulders thus protecting the strain on your back the better for you.

In conclusion, there are hundreds of tactical vests, plate carriers and chest rigs to choose from so depending on the weight you desire, the budget you are ready to put in place, the material used to make it take your time to choose the suitable one. Before carrying any of your vests home check for wear and tear as this could lead to quick tearing.

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Recent and Upcoming Changes for Tactical Equipment

Have you noticed any improvements to a tactical plate carrier? To be honest, there have been many who have said when it comes to tactical equipment improvement and changes there have been none. However, that isn’t exactly true and while the changes may be less noticeable they can all be just as important as the next. Read on to find out a little more about the recent and upcoming changes for the tactical equipment available today.

Changes to Uniforms

In recent years, there have been slight changes to the way army combat uniforms are created. The reason why is simply to make them lighter but still offer soldiers every bit of protection as before. Uniform changes might not be as impressive or as important as you might think and yet it’s crucial to say the least. In the upcoming years, there are going to be even more changes which might be for the best. If it means making the uniforms more modern and easier to wear then it is all for the best really. You want a uniform that can work with a chest rig and other such items without running into too many difficulties. This is an important area to think about.

Changing Tactical Vests

Over the last year or two, tactical vests have been greatly talked about and how they are still offer insufficient to protect soldiers on the frontline. You cannot blame people as to why they are taking so much interest in tactical vests as they can make all the difference today. When it comes to sustaining a minor or major injury the tactical vest might be the only thing so it’s important this undertakes a few changes. There have been some improvements to the tactical vests over the years including the fact they offer better protection. That is something and hopefully in the next few years they will become even safer to use! Soldiers need this and it doesn’t matter if they have the best tactical plate carrier, they need the best vests.

Will There Be More Changes In The Upcoming Years?

Let’s hope so! Tactical gear and equipment does need some improvement because while right now it’s potentially the best it could be, it could also be better. It has become a necessity to ensure tactical equipment improves as technology advances. The reason why is simply because as technology grows so will the weapons out there and the way we all use them. Being able to stay protected is a must and with the right tactical equipment it can make all the difference. Hopefully, in the upcoming years, there are improvements to a chest rig and everything else—it will make all the difference.

Changes Afoot

When it comes to using tactical gear and equipment, you are going to find that more needs to be done to make everything safer and improved in every single way. Far too many people are put on the frontline without the best equipment and too many souls are lost. More needs to be done to keep people safe. Even a tactical plate carrier can be improved to make it better in many ways.

Check out this post for more informations and help:

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New and Future Changes for Tactical Gear

We all know what a tactical plate carrier is but did you know how many changes there have been of late? Tactical gear has become vastly sought after recently and with the amount of changes they have been going through, it’s very impressive to say the least. You might be very surprised with what you find when you compare the new tactical gear with ones of the past. So, what changes have there been and will they be likely in the future?

Tactical Vest Changes                    

First and foremost, there has been a whole host of changes to the setup of the tactical vest. Now, vests need to constantly adapt and improve as the years go by simply because weapons are getting more sophisticated. However, the tactical vest has seen an improvement in terms of weight. These vests are lighter but enable users the ability to carry a little more. What’s more, soldiers who need to drop a few pounds can easily do so without losing their protection. These vests have become far more adjustable and quite versatile too. It’s like the chest rig you need to be able to drop what you need in order to stay protected.

Combat Uniforms

Army combat uniforms have been greatly improved over the years too and it’s very important. A lot of people seem to forget that army uniforms are just as important as the weapons they carry and it’s important to get a good uniform on your shoulders. Combat uniforms have been greatly improved in recent times simply because they are now even more flame resistant. That is very important and the changes don’t stop there; the uniforms are now using less Velcro too which is a very useful aspect. Like a tactical plate carrier, the uniform has to be strong in every which way. This is why more are now choosing to opt for the improved combat uniforms.

What Does The Future Hold?

In all honesty, in the next few years, it seems as though there will be more changes to the way uniforms and equipment are designed. You might not think that is very important now, especially since some changes haven’t been made and yet it can be vitally important. There can be real differences to whether or not someone is saved from a life-changing injury and it can be down to the equipment used. Tactical gear is constantly changing and it can be for the best too, especially if it means protection soldiers on the front line better. A tactical plate carrier needs to undergo changes if it means staying protected at all times.

Changes Are Needed

In the last few years, people have seen shortages of equipment and not the best equipment or certainly not ones that reach the top of the standards. However, there is a lot that is being done to correct that. Yes, a few years ago, the lack of quality equipment was terrible but hopefully there are going to be positive changes so that in the future soldiers and those on the front line do not have to worry about these things. Changes are needed, yes, simply because soldiers must be better protected and, in truth, they are not always protected at times and it’s tragic as they put their lives on the line for their country. A chest rig as well as many other items will be hopefully improved upon.

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3 Essential Tactical Gear to Have For Long Paint Ball Sessions

Do you think a tactical plate carrier will be needed to paint ball? For most, they really don’t think that paint ball requires a lot of accessories and yet there are quite a few things that might be needed. Are you new to paint ball and unsure of what to look for? You are certainly not alone because there are thousands who really don’t think tactical gear is necessary for paint ball. However, when you are going to a long paint balling session you have to think about being fully prepared for the day ahead.

A Tactical Vest

Since you are going to go through a long paint ball session you are sure to require a lot of paint ball ammunition and it’s a lot easier to have a tactical vest with you. Far too many people dismiss the idea of using a tactical vest and yet it can be really great to have. You can carry all of your necessary items and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with it either. It has become a lot easier and in truth you can easily carry a lot of items. This is a nice and versatile little vest to have and even if you are going to use a chest rig you will find the tactical vest to be ideal. It’s lighter than a backpack and a lot more convenient too.

Tactical Slings or Holsters

When you are using a paint ball gun you ideally need to have a holster or a sling to house the gun. If you’re opting for an extra long paint ball session then you ideally need o ensure you have a sling or a holster available to hold the gun. Shoulder holsters are idea to say the least as they are versatile and really quite easy enough to work with too. Most people will find using the holsters to be pretty simple indeed. It’s like when you buy a tactical plate carrier, you want the best and it’s the same when you are using holsters. You want the best.

A Backpack and Hydration System

For most, they don’t want to use a backpack but sometimes, the vests are not the ideal options either. That is why you maybe want to take a close look at a military style backpack that comes with a hydration system. You will be able to store all of your necessary items for paint ball and it can be easy enough to carry around too. If you’re choosing the backpack and hydration system you are going to want to get a backpack that is suitable in size and not too big or too small. Always consider the size you need before you buy. It’s the same when you are buying a chest rig, the size will matter. You always have to ensure the backpacks and rigs you use fit perfectly.

Enjoy Your Paint Balling Session

When you’ve planned a long paint ball session, it can be an enjoyable time but only when you have the right equipment with you. Do you really want to carry a lot of additional paint ball ammo? Are you happy slogging around the gun for hours without a holster? These are the things you have to think about when it comes to choosing tactical gear. You want to ensure the items you have actually will offer a service to you rather than hinder you; so think about what you use before paint baling. Get the best tactical plate carrier and enjoy paint balling.

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