3 Essential Tactical Gear to Have For Long Paint Ball Sessions

Do you think a tactical plate carrier will be needed to paint ball? For most, they really don’t think that paint ball requires a lot of accessories and yet there are quite a few things that might be needed. Are you new to paint ball and unsure of what to look for? You are certainly not alone because there are thousands who really don’t think tactical gear is necessary for paint ball. However, when you are going to a long paint balling session you have to think about being fully prepared for the day ahead.

A Tactical Vest

Since you are going to go through a long paint ball session you are sure to require a lot of paint ball ammunition and it’s a lot easier to have a tactical vest with you. Far too many people dismiss the idea of using a tactical vest and yet it can be really great to have. You can carry all of your necessary items and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with it either. It has become a lot easier and in truth you can easily carry a lot of items. This is a nice and versatile little vest to have and even if you are going to use a chest rig you will find the tactical vest to be ideal. It’s lighter than a backpack and a lot more convenient too.

Tactical Slings or Holsters

When you are using a paint ball gun you ideally need to have a holster or a sling to house the gun. If you’re opting for an extra long paint ball session then you ideally need o ensure you have a sling or a holster available to hold the gun. Shoulder holsters are idea to say the least as they are versatile and really quite easy enough to work with too. Most people will find using the holsters to be pretty simple indeed. It’s like when you buy a tactical plate carrier, you want the best and it’s the same when you are using holsters. You want the best.

A Backpack and Hydration System

For most, they don’t want to use a backpack but sometimes, the vests are not the ideal options either. That is why you maybe want to take a close look at a military style backpack that comes with a hydration system. You will be able to store all of your necessary items for paint ball and it can be easy enough to carry around too. If you’re choosing the backpack and hydration system you are going to want to get a backpack that is suitable in size and not too big or too small. Always consider the size you need before you buy. It’s the same when you are buying a chest rig, the size will matter. You always have to ensure the backpacks and rigs you use fit perfectly.

Enjoy Your Paint Balling Session

When you’ve planned a long paint ball session, it can be an enjoyable time but only when you have the right equipment with you. Do you really want to carry a lot of additional paint ball ammo? Are you happy slogging around the gun for hours without a holster? These are the things you have to think about when it comes to choosing tactical gear. You want to ensure the items you have actually will offer a service to you rather than hinder you; so think about what you use before paint baling. Get the best tactical plate carrier and enjoy paint balling.

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