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Tactical vests are a popular item among many survivalists and preppers. No doubt, some buy one because it looks “cool,” but others are interested in the true value that a tactical vest can deliver.

Most tactical vests are fully adjustable and come with a holster for a sidearm, up to fix or six holders for rifle magazines, up to four pistol magazines, a pouch for shotgun shells, Velcro for adding more compartments, and another compartment for placing a radio.

Today’s military tactical vests are not only used by soldiers, but law enforcement as well. A tactical vest is a heavy duty vest that can be worn over regular clothing in order to provide both protection and a way to carry gear when on assignment. It has several pockets of various sizes to hold all essential equipment. This could include guns, magazines, grenades, ammunition, and even everyday items such as cell phones. Basically it helps one carry anything they may need for the situations they are facing.