Factors to Consider When Buying a Tactical Plate Carrier Chest Rig

Plate carriers are designed to carry armours and are usually heavier than chest rigs it is actually an improved version of tactical vest normally used by the military globally. The new plate carriers are more comfortable because they have their shoulders padded, lightweight making it easy to move around with. In addition, it has taken the tactical plate feature by taking a more secure front round up.  It can also be used by hunters and anglers as they have more pockets just like a chest rig.

What should you consider when buying these items?

  • The design

A plate carriers design must meet your needs. Are you going to use it for fishing and you therefore don’t need one with many pockets as you will not be carrying a lot around? Then you should carry a vest that has minimal pockets. This minimal design is also suitable for an angler who knows what they are looking for and they don’t carry much luggage around. If you need one with many pockets to choose it is okay too.

  • Construction and durability

This requires a little extra money but the good promise is that you will not need to buy another in the near future because this vest can carry anything in the pockets over a long period of time and not get spoilt thanks for the material used to make them.

  • Ventilation

This body armours are a requirement by law to shield oneself from the enemy’s attack yet the tactical plate vest carrying mags and more things when worn for a long time may cause heat in the body. It is always important to choose those that offer you room to breathe or the ones that have mesh in them with the aim of making breathing easy.

  • Safety

The plate carrier is basically to help you carry your supplies easily but it should also offer you safety and ability to push a button that quickly removes the chest rig from your body. Most tactical vests have zips in the front and the back the disadvantage being that most zips tend to jam or get fouled up making chest rig push button the best.

  • Storage

Military operations require this vest to help them store their ammunitions. The latest plate carriers and tactical vests offer storage places. The pockets are located everywhere and they therefore don’t need to carry back packs.

  • The comfort

At the end of the day all this thing should be comfortable so if you can get those with padded cross back shoulder straps on your shoulders thus protecting the strain on your back the better for you.

In conclusion, there are hundreds of tactical vests, plate carriers and chest rigs to choose from so depending on the weight you desire, the budget you are ready to put in place, the material used to make it take your time to choose the suitable one. Before carrying any of your vests home check for wear and tear as this could lead to quick tearing.

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